Firelite – Fire rated glass even for roof >E90

Properties Firelite

Firelite is a 5 mm thick ceramic glass without treads to be used in walls or roof-constructions.

Firelite is a fire rated glass. The glass has low termal expansion coefficient and does not get soft at high temperatures.

Fire rated up to E90

Firelite wasapproved in fire class E15-E60 in vertical, leaning and horizontal construction as to approval from SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute).

Stands termalchocks!

The glass has been tested with hose stream test with approved results. This means the glass will stand the chock of tempterature when water hits heated glass (temp diff at more than 800°C).

Firelite fire glass can be cut and treated the same way as regular window glass.

Areas of use

Assembly in walls and roofs

Firelite can be used as single glass or combined with other glass in insulated windows. Firelite can also be laminated with other glass.