Our most common glass products

Fire rated glass

Fire glass with good heat rating. Read more about the glass at the page about Ceramic glass and Firelite.

Stove glass

Glastekniks largest product is heat resistant ceramical glass for stoves. Read more about this glass on the page of Ceramic glass / Neoceram.

For example our Neoceram ceramic glass can stand temperature thermal chocks and resist temperatures to approximately 800 degrees.

Inspection glass – glass lenses

We manufacture glass lenses and inspection glass in round, flat or pressed shapes at customers needs.

Glass pipes – cylinder glass

We supply a variety of customer specific glass pipes in customized dimensions, shapes and using areas.

High temperature glass

To read about high temperature glass, please click the above menus about ceramic glass / Neoceram, Firelite and/or quartz glass.

Industrial glass – lab glass

Is glass used within industrial works? We are specialized of designed glass based on customer needs and shapes for machines, measuring equipment, pipes, cables etc..

Laminated glass

Glass to increase personal safety and decrease injuries. The glass can break, but stays in one piece in the frame or door, etc.

Tempered glass

Toughened, hardened, heattreated glass all falls under the category tempered glass. By heat treating the strength of the glass is increased.

X-ray protective glass

Lead glass with X-ray protection is sold by our sister company Strålskydd RSE AB, www.stralskydd.com. We also provide gamma ray protective glass.

More of our special glass

Ask us about our products

We will be happy to answer questions about technical glass and areas of use.