Ceramic glass - Neoceram N-0 & N-11

Properties Neoceram

Neoceram glass is a glass ceramic material. Most common are the transparent N-0 and the opal (white) N-11.

Neoceram N-0 withstands extreme high termal chocks and lets through infraread rays. See more about properties below.

Neoceram glass can be cut and treated the same way as regular window glass.

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Neoceram flat and bent samples.


PropertiesProperties 2Properties 3


Properties Neoceram N-0 transparent
Thickness3-5.0 mm
Format Neoceram N-0 3mm, max1135*2171 mm
Format Neoceram N-0 4mm, max1266*2100 mm
Format Neoceram N-0 5mm, max1266x2440 mm
Properties Neoceram N-11 white
Thickness3.0-3.8 mm
Format Neoceram N-11 3mm, max926x2100 mm
Format Neoceram N-11 3.8mm, max926x2100 mm

Areas of use, Neoceram


Ceramic glass for fire stoves (flat, with radius or bent) and for grill protection. With or without print or coating.

The ceramic glass Neoceram N-0 (transparent) and N-11 (opal/white) has a wide area of use thanks to the proerties to withstand heat and endurance in tough environments.

Ceramic glass Neoceram N-0 is:

• Idealic glass for fire places and stoves.
• Protective for dripp-exposed burners.
• Excellent as inspection glass for industrial mashines.

Use of Ceramic glass Neoceram N-11:

• Glass in microwave ovens.
• Ceramics for stoves.
• Heat resistant hightech applications.
• Electrical insualtion glass. Clean surfaces in electronic ovens.
• Isolators.