About Glasteknik

Glasteknik’s logo

  • Our logo consists of a symbol that stands for Terra Silicea, silica (SiO2) which is the base content in glass.
  • The symbol comes from the periodic system which is the predecessor of today’s systems. It was created by the scientist Scheele in the 1700 ‘s.
  • Several companies made use of symbols from the same system (Volvo and LKAB used symbols for ferrum and iron).
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About Glasteknik and our knowledge

  • Glasteknik has especially high knowledge of glass used in high temperatures.
  • Another base knowledgement is glass with x-ray protection.
  • Glasteknik are specialized in finding solutions for the industry wherever glass is involved. We supply a wide range of glass with special features.
about glasteknik, om glasteknik

The history of Glasteknik

  • Glasteknik was founded 1982 by M.Sc. Peter Nilsson in Norrkoping.
  • Right from the start Glasteknik worked with the main products heat resistant ceramic glass and lead glass.
  • Today Glasteknik aku AB has the office in Solna and the factory in Norrköping.
  • Glasteknik is a nisched company, with technical solutions for the customer and long time relations with customers and suppliers.
about glasteknik, om glasteknik

Our business

  • Glasteknik have a long and wide experience in fire resistant glass and industrial glass.
  • Glasteknik supplies both large and small companies, mainly in Scandinavia.
  • Glasteknik work with long term relationships with suppliers and customers in serveral different countries.
  • We import most of our glass and store or process the glass to fit the agreed quality and design.
about glasteknik, om glasteknik

Our deliveries

  • Glasteknik deliver a few tons or just a kilo per sending. We use the larger shipping companies for our transports from Norrkoping as a standard.
  • We have a long experience of packing glass to ship it safely to customers.
  • The delivery times are 1-2 weeks for standard glass in stock, and longer for special glass out of stock, depending on type of glass and way of delivery.
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Important for Glasteknik

  • Glasteknik always strive to have satisfied and returning customers.
  • Glasteknik work under high discrepancy as many customers have solutions which has to be protected in sensitive competition.
  • We deliver quality, both in material and delivery times.
  • We strive to provide a safe work environment.
  • We strive to focus on environmental friendly behaviour throug everything we do.
about glasteknik, om glasteknik