Industrial Glass

Idustrial glass and its features

Glass for industrial use we call industrial glass. It is no specific kind of glass, but depends on the features needed for the specific purpose.

Example of what is sometimes required as proprerties standalone or combined might be:

  • Transparence, or not.
  • Protective glass for a certain temperature
  • Glass to protect from pressure or splash.
  • Sightglass for different environments, laminated or touhened depending on consequesnces if broken.
  • Form of the glass, round, squared, flat or other shapes.
  • Protective glass to let through UV-light or IR-beams best ways
  • and more…

Glassteknik work B2B with gross sales mostly, but also with prototypes sometimes.

New material

Glasteknik work with sepcial glass, i e not the glass privat persons mostly know they use, if they do.

Amongst the new materials we have, we would like to mention the ultra thin glass with thickness from 30 µm.

This glass can be coated or chemically strengtened.

The ultr thin glass can laso be laminated with different materials, for example plasics, to have scratchresistant and leight weighted glass, or unbreakable glass.

The use of the ultra thin glass has only just started.

industrial glass