Choose the right glass

Type of glass

What characterisics does your glass need?
Heat resistance, pressure and/or reflection?
Glasteknik aku AB is the expert of glass with special material skills. We are retailer of Neoceram, Firelite, Quartz glass, Borosilicat glass, Soda glass and Lead glass, suitable for customer specific needs.



What shape does the function of the glass require?
Prismas, containers, cylinders, linces with or without foil, Glasteknik aku AB can offer customised products.



Glasteknik aku AB use the techniques needed to be able to get the features your glass product requires. We engineer, blow, press, roll, cut, polish, laminate, toughen, foil, bend, drill and/or blast to create your demanded functionality.


The founder Peter Nilsson is still connected to the business, but has left the daily care to the next generation.